Frac Tanks

Frac Tanks are normally used for fracing or hydraulic fracturing of wells in the gas and energy sectors. These high-quality storage tanks can also be used to store any liquids like run-off water and liquid waste products.

btm frac tank towed

Below is a frac tank in the final stages of completion in the BTM workshop.

During induced hydraulic fracturing, which is a process used to extract petroleum and natural gas (including shale gas, tight gas, and coal seam gas), large amounts of liquids are required to be stored next to the well. This is why these special mobile storage tanks were invented.

Frac tanks are very large heavy gauge steel tanks which are designed to store large quantities of liquid. These tanks can be made in sizes to hold over 80,000 litre or 500 barrels of bulk liquid. These tanks can be used in conjunction with filters, pumps, dewatering units and vacuum boxes as a part of a large scale project.

end view ofa frac tanks by btm

Brisbane Tanks Manufacturing Frac Tanks

BTM’s Frac tanks are very well fabricated and equipped with features that benefit our clients. Our tanks are very efficient and are especially designed so as all of the fluid can be drained out from the tank without the need to slope the tank to allow complete evacuation. The floor of these tanks is custom-made to get rid of the buildup of material; our tanks have smooth lined inner walls, which helps for easier drainage. The tanks can even be used for large clean up operations or simply for temporary storage of water or other liquids.

Brisbane Tanks Manufacturing Frac Tank

Our tanks are strong, durable and have low maintenance cost. These frac tanks are blasted and coated with the finest paint, or have a rubber lining, depending on the clients requirements. To avoid any field modifications, our quality control team water tests every tank prior to leaving. All the tanks are equipped with safety rails, access ladders, hatches, manways and non slip decks for maximum access and safety.

These frac tanks have multiple valves for easy access for various pumping operations. They inlcude convenient built in stairs to aid to a safer working environment. The frac tanks have 2 manway hatches – 1 at the front and the other on the side. Plus an inspection hatch on the top and a fold down ladder at the rear.

There are 4 by 4” valves at the front of the tank. We can customise and manufacture our frac tanks for inlets, outlets, drains and vents to the customer’s specifications. Also to include hoses, valves, pumps, and filters as required.

Our dedicated and expert team at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing can promptly meet all your requirements with timely quotes, consulting services, precision engineering, efficient design and professional installation. Whatever the application may be, our tanks can be designed to fit the required specifications.