Balance Tanks

A balance tank has sufficient volume to permit a non-uniform or irregular flow of liquid to be collected, mixed and pumped forward at a more uniform rate. The pumping is controlled by level sensors and its rate varies as per the depth of liquid in the balance tank. A balancing tank keeps the product at a constant level above the pump inlet so that the now handled product is free of air or other gasses. The Balance tanks are typically used in the processes where separation of two systems is desired. Other usage could be mixing, feeding vessel or storage.

BTM Mixing Balance Tanks
BTM internals of a mixing reactor
btm installaiton work of 2 tanks

At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing, we offer Balance tanks in a wide range of sizes which can be engineered according to your needs. Our Balancing tanks are single walled and the storage capacity varies between 100 litres to 1000 litres. The Balance Tank is ideal for use as an extra storage container for water, oil, diesel, chemicals or as a pump housing chamber. Typically the Balance Tanks are supplied with either side pipe or center pipe, you can also choose between a closed and an open top. An access screw cap is located on the top of the tank.

We can design and manufacture solutions to your requirements whether it is for Dairy Process, CIP or Slopes. We offer full range of valves, floats, unions, flanges, CIP systems. The water or oil storage tanks are completely supported underneath. The solutions manufactured at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing are used in various industries such as Food, Dairy, Brewery, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical.

pasteuriser balance tanks

Features of our Balance Tanks

  • Custom Designed
  • Float Assemblies
  • Steam injection for CIP
  • Sloping bottom
  • Vortex breakers

Brisbane Tank Manufacturing can promptly meet all your requirements with timely quotes, consulting services,
precision engineering, efficient design and professional installation.
Brisbane Tank Manufacturing also specializes in on-site installations and plant maintenance.

We have the right solution for any practical, sturdy and economical balance tank requirement that you might have.
Our technical expertise and innovative products can provide practical solution to all your requirements.

Balance Tanks Specs

Here are some of the accessories for the balance tanks that we can provide to our customers at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing to meet their process requirements:

  • Anti-foaming inlet
  • CIP ball or turbine
  • Overflow
  • Ventilation hut
  • Floater for level control
  • Sockets for instruments
  • Looking glass
  • Spare lit for open tank
  • Instrument connections
  • Mixer
  • Insulation
round balance tank work

At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing, our extensive quality control system ensures that all Balance Tanks are properly designed, constructed, inspected and quality tested before they leave our premises. We confidently stand behind the quality of our work.