Tank Makers Gold Coast

Put Safety First with Steel Tanks from Gold Coast Tank Makers and Manufacturers

Your business needs a great team, a great location, and the right knowledge about how to succeed in your industry. Even with all that, however, you still need the equipment suited for the task. For so many industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, agricultural, brewing, and petrochemical, that means having effective holding and mixing tanks. As you search for excellent tank manufacturers in the Gold Coast, one of the most important criteria for your search should be safety.

While there are already risks involved any time you work with chemicals or pressurised solutions and gasses, you can minimise those risks by selecting Brisbane Tank Manufacturing, one of the leading tank makers in Gold Coast. Our designs are carefully constructed with safety and efficacy in mind. We source the best materials and consistently seek to improve our strategies. Further, we work with each of our clients and manufacturers to design tanks that meet your exact specifications.

What Safety Measures do Brisbane Tank Manufacturing Employ as Tank Makers in Gold Coast?

We understand that you put serious consideration into selecting makers for your business’s tanks. To assist with your search, we do our best to make the selection simple. Consider some ways that we approach safety for each of our tanks:

  • Each tank is custom-designed to meet your needs. Our team listens to what purposes the container must fulfil, then receives information about your facility. Based on the proposed location of the tank, the materials that will be passing through the tank, and what functions the tank will be used for; we will then meticulously design a holding or mixing tank that satisfies all those considerations.
  • We have a plethora of safety features available for our tanks. These features vary depending on the tank but include options such as handrails, caged ladders, insulation, looking glass, ventilation huts, floaters for level control, and heat resistance treatment. As tank makers, we give special attention to these safety features.
  • Our team will also install the tank for you. We will ensure that all fittings are tightly and securely connected, and then conduct the necessary tests and analyses to ensure the safe installation of your tank. Without this crucial step, an otherwise well-made tank could prove to be a significant liability and pose a danger through burst joints and connections.

Let Brisbane Tank Manufacturing Craft the Equipment You Need for Success

Our production facilities can make tanks suited to your industry’s needs, but we also provide other essential equipment. Some examples of our general equipment include corrugation rollers, various heavy-duty saws (automatic feed power hacksaws, band saws, and cold saws), lathes, welders, and drill presses. Our engineering team is highly experienced and is familiar with the numerous industries and manufacturers we service.

We’re proud of the successful work we have completed for our clients in Gold Coast as tank makers. We take each commission seriously and strive to improve our procedures at every possible opportunity.

Contact us to find out how our services can help you succeed. From the first consultation to final installation, we’ll provide you with a turnkey solution to your industrial needs.