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Things to Consider When Purchasing Stainless Steel Tanks in Queensland

Whether you need storage solutions for beverage production, mining, chemical processing or dairy product storage, it’s vital to choose a supplier that understands the ins and outs of your industry. At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing, we’ve been designing, building, installing and maintaining bespoke stainless steel tanks for Queensland businesses for over 20 years. Thanks to our sterling reputation, we serve companies all around the nation.

Below, we detail a few questions you should ask when purchasing storage solutions to help ensure you receive the right products the first time.

Bear These Factors in Mind When Choosing Steel Tanks in Queensland

When buying storage solutions, remember to ask these questions:

  • Will my tanks withstand harsh climate conditions?
    If you intend to keep your storage tanks outside, you need to take the weather into account. Many parts of Australia are subject to fluctuating conditions, meaning it’s crucial to choose a manufacturer that knows how to build tanks according to your site’s unique requirements. If in doubt, call our advisors. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and offer recommendations, and you can trust us to manufacture steel tanks in Queensland that will be perfect for your business.
  • Do I need solutions that are corrosion and chemical resistant?
    We build steel tanks for a broad range of purposes, and it’s crucial you tell us your specific requirements. For example, tanks intended to store dairy products have different properties to those that need to keep chemicals and abrasive materials safe and secure. The most straightforward way to ensure you choose the right tanks is to let one of our professionals visit your site.
  • Are my stainless steel tanks compliant with safety regulations?
    For the protection of your employees, assets and the environment, Australia sets strict guidelines regarding the manufacture of stainless steel tanks. You can feel confident that if you purchase solutions from us, you’ll be fully compliant with the law. For example, all our pressure tanks – where safety must be a priority – meet the AS1210, AS1692, ASME and API standards.
  • Will my tanks be durable enough for my needs?
    When running a business, keeping your expenses to a minimum without compromising on the quality of your services or safety is essential, so you might want to choose storage tanks that guarantee to remain functional for years with minimal required maintenance. Why only use high-grade steel combined with the strong welding capabilities of Oxy-Acetylene, TIG, ARC and MIG to manufacture storage tanks that guarantee to be a high-value investment.
  • How will I keep my tanks on top condition?
    You need to know what’s required to keep your storage solutions pristine for the sake of your product quality and employee protection. Partner with us, and we’ll not only install your tanks to the highest standards but also perform routine maintenance to keep them in full working order.

Order Reliable Stainless Steel Tanks in Queensland Today

At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing, we’ve been a market leading supplier and installer of storage tanks for over two decades, serving industries ranging from dairy production to chemical processing. We’re here to help you minimise your operational costs while remaining compliant with the law, and you can trust us to build your tanks – which are verified for quality and safety independently – to suit your purposes perfectly. If you have any questions or want us to visit your location, call us on 07 3283 2700.