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Buy Reliable and Custom-Built Pressure Tanks and Vessels in Sunshine Coast

When you’re working in conditions that demand incredible precision and reliability, you can’t afford to take chances. High-quality pressure tanks help Sunshine Coast businesses to do the work they need to do in numerous industries. Some of these industries include agricultural firms, beverage companies and breweries, petrochemical suppliers, and pharmaceutical producers. In each case, the specific needs vary, but all require carefully-constructed pressure vessels. Sunshine Coast is home to many of these industries, and for two decades, Brisbane Tank Manufacturing has been providing the best tanks on the market.

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Count on the Science Behind Fabricating Pressure Tanks in Sunshine Coast

We believe that our clients deserve the most rigorous standards of production. This philosophy has guided us as we have added to our portfolio of industries and businesses served. Our engineers have learned by blending academic science with real-world experience. We’ve applied that in countless instances to produce effective pressure tanks and vessels that reliably serve for years.

When designing and assembling these tanks, we meet or exceed all legal requirements for safety and functionality. We design our pressure vessels and heat exchangers with AS1210, AS1692, ASME, and API standards in mind. As pressure tanks face harsher conditions than mixing or storage tanks, we go the extra mile in designing and testing these tanks carefully. We leave nothing to chance and provide features such as top- and side entry agitators, tank insulation, reinforced steel for greater stress resistance and high tensile strength, as well as caged ladders for access.

Our support doesn’t stop once the tank is manufactured. We offer you a turnkey solution to your needs by also installing the tank to ensure proper installation of all fittings and pipes. The potential risks of an error during installation can spell disaster for your business, so we take this step seriously. We can also instruct your team on possible signs of danger or risks and advise you on the routine maintenance to prolong the life and effectiveness of your tanks.

What Should Sunshine Coast Businesses Expect from Brisbane Tank Manufacturing?

We provide a consistent and comprehensive service. Beyond the tanks themselves, you enjoy premium customer service as we carefully listen to your needs and provide solutions suited to your business. Our engineers design and fabricate other kinds of tanks, including holding tanks and mixing tanks, as well as a variety of other general equipment.

While we don’t take shortcuts on quality, we do employ cost-saving measures to keep the cost down. As a result, we are continually innovating both with our manufacturing processes and our designs. There’s no reason that you should pay for unnecessary features, nor that you should receive a tank that uses more costly materials without improving performance. Additionally, we know that it’s best to have another set of eyes look at any manufactured equipment, so we have an external engineering partner to certify that the vessels match the designs and pass rigorous safety inspections. Contact us today to learn more.