BTM High Quality
Fuel Storage Tanks

Brisbane Tank Manufacturing specialises in the design and fabrication of Stainless Steel Fuel Storage Tanks, and Carbon Steel Fuel Storage Tanks, all documented to AS1210, AS1692, and API standards.

For the preservation of the environment, government has issued strict guidelines for the manufacturing, installation and operation of the fuel storage tanks. In the event of a leak, the effect could be catastrophic. Our Fuel Storage Tanks are proven solution for these problems conforming to all government regulations.

onsite 350l fuel tank

We can custom design your Fuel Tank to any format being horizontal, vertical, rectangular, or square and volume you require. We offer a full range of valves, unions, flanges, top entry manways, side entry manways and fuel pumping equipment to meet your needs. BTM fuel storage tanks meet all safety requirements for primary/secondary containment, leak monitoring, spill containment and overfill protection. Each BTM tank is exhaustively quality tested at the factory before shipment to its destination. The BTM fuel storage tanks are used in various industries such as Petro Chemical, Aviation, Automotive, Mining and Earth Moving.

trailer 1000 litre dosing tank
1000 litre dosing tank

More stringent regulations are always on the horizon; but with a BTM fuel storage tank, the need for upgrading is greatly reduced while operating costs are substantially lower than other products available in the market. Looking at the diverse needs of the industry, Brisbane Tank Manufacturing has expanded its product line to include tank sizes ranging from 1 litre to 150,000 litres.

Features of the Fuel Storage Tanks Manufactured by BTM

  • Fuel Trailers
  • Cubes Self Bunded
  • Self Bunded Fire rated tanks
  • Self bunded Tanks – Containerised – Liquitainer
  • Baffles internally
petrol pump for trailer

Every fuel storage tank at BTM is shop-fabricated under strict quality controls in accordance with all Australian standards. All our tanks are properly designed, constructed, inspected and independently tested at the plant to ensure proper on-site performance before they leave our premises. The tanks are shipped as a final finished product, limiting the need for any major on-site work.

Experts at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing can promptly meet all your requirements with timely quotes, consulting services, precision engineering, efficient design and professional installation. We specialise in storage tanks for all applications, always selecting the most efficient, suitable and economical option for your specific application. We offer the right solution for any fuel storage tank requirement that you might have.


Many BTM fuel storage tanks are in service in various regions without a single system failure to-date. BTM tank owners also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our on-site installations and plant maintenance. We firmly stand behind the quality of each fuel storage tank manufactured at BTM.