Equipment Capabilities

Brisbane Tank Manufacturing

At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing our Drafting and Engineering team uses the latest of design technology with Design Suit Ultimate and Autocad. Our in house drafting team has on the tools and trade experience which allows Brisbane Tank Manufacturing the flexibility to fabricate our jobs the smartest and most cost effective way for our clients. Once the design has been completed we then forward onto an external Engineering firm which we have a close alliance to carry out certification.

plasma cutter
Brisbane Tanks Manufacturing  Installation work for 2 Tanks
Vertical Diesel Fuel Storage Tank for Fulton Hogan

Our latest purchase of equipment is a CNC ART Plasma cutter which has the diverse capability to cut from 0.5mm thick sheetmetal all the way up to 32mm thick plate. We can cut all types of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and many other exotic steels.‚Äč

Brake Press Machine

brake press machine and safety equipment

Our Brake Press is a 200 tonne x 4100mm long machine which has the capability to press all types of metals from light sheet metal up to thick plate. Our brake press can fold a 6mm thick plate x 4100mm long in one pass.

Other General Equipment

  • Guilotine 3100mm long x 6mm thick maximum
  • Plate rolling 2100mm wide x 5mm thick
  • Corrogation Rollers
  • Tank End knuckler
  • Various tank making equipment
  • Band Saw
  • Automatic Feed Power Hacksaw
  • Cold saw
  • Automatic feed power hacksaw
  • George Fisher pipe cutter
  • T-Drill
  • Various Drill Presses
  • Mill
  • Lathe
  • AC/DC TIG welders
  • AC/DC Pulse MIG welder
  • Various Spot Welders
  • Pipe rotating Equipment
  • Pan Break
  • 20 & 40 tonne Punch
  • Pedestal Polisher